Our team comprises a collaboration between the DNAlysis team in South Africa, and a team of researchers and academics at The University of Porto in Portugal.

DNAlysis Biotechnology

Founded in 2008, DNAlysis continues to pioneer new ways in leading personalised medicine services in both South Africa and abroad. Recognised as a leader in the industry, hundreds of doctors around the world have come to rely on the DNAlysis team for support and training, while our tests have gained a reputation for being clinically relevant and scientifically robust. Our ISO-accredited laboratory processes more than 2000 DNA samples per month, reporting on Nutrigenomics, Pharmacogenomics, and now Ancestry.

University of Porto: LuÍsa Pereira (PhD)

Luísa Pereira is the Principal Researcher and Leader of the Genetic Diversity Groupat i3S / IPATIMUP (Institute of Research and Innovation in Health / Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology).

LuÍsa has a Bachelor Degree in Biology and specialised in Human Population Genetics during her M.Sc. and PhD at the University of Porto. Her post-doc work was conducted at the University of Oxford.

Her field of expertise is genetic diversity in populations from Europe, Africa, the Near East and the Arabian Peninsula. LuÍsa uses genetic data to infer information about the past and the evolution of human populations.

Verónica Fernandes (PhD)

Verónica Fernandes is a post-doc researcher at the Genetic Diversity Group in i3S / IPATIMUP.

With a degree in Biochemistry, during her PhD at the University of Leeds, Verónica focused on the study of mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms in the Arabian Peninsula populations.

Verónica now focuses on the analyses of genomic data, at a population scale.

Bruno Cavadas (M.Sc)

Bruno Cavadas is completing his PhD in Biomedical Sciencesat the University of Porto, having conducted laboratorial and bioinformatics work in the Genetic Diversity Group at i3S / IPATIMUP.

With an M.Sc in Bioengineering, he acquired expertise in programming and bioinformatics analyses, and developed an interest in the application of high-throughput technology and big data to solve biomedical problems.

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