Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get from this report?

myDNAorigin is a comprehensive ancestry test that reports on:

  • maternal lineage
  • paternal lineage (males only)
  • genetic GPS, which attempts to plot the geographical location of your earliest known ancestors
  • genetic diversity within an individual
  • percentage of Neanderthal DNA

Will myDNAorigin give me a percentage break down of where I am from?

Yes, myDNAorigin gives you a breakdown of the percentages of your genetic admixture, the DNA you inherited from all your ancestors.  Ten different population groups are used to provide this data, and the report shows the proportion of each of these groups in your DNA.

Will you be able to find my relatives around the world?

This test is not used to find your relatives, but rather to determine where in the world your ancestors originated.

Will this test tell me who my father is?

This is not a paternity test, which requires DNA from you, as well as from your suspected father.  This test will identify the paternal lineage that you carry on your Y chromosome, which has been passed down through generations.

Can you tell if I will get the same chronic diseases as my ancestors?

We cannot answer this question from this specific test.  However, DNAlysis does provide other genetic tests that could help you shed some light on this question.  Nutrigenetic testing can be used to identify your genetic risk for certain chronic diseases and assist in the management of your health. Visit for further information.

Is my genetic information private and secure?

Yes. DNAlysis is accredited to ISO 15189:2012 standard by South African National Accreditation System (SANAS). We adhere to a strict privacy policy will not share an individual’s data with any external parties.

How long does it take to receive my results and how will I get them?

You will receive your results via email as a PDF file within 6 weeks after we have received the DNA swab back from you.

Important notice! Any orders placed between 26 March - 16 April will only be dispatched after 16 April 2020
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